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Tree & Shrub Removal

Tree and shrub removal is best handled by ISA Certified Arborists. D.B Tree Service has the expertise, experience, equipment and staff to remove any tree or shrub safely, efficiently and all at an affordable cost.

Once we safely remove your tree(s) or shrub(s), we can provide you with our stump removal service. Our machine will reduce any stump to wood chips well below grade level. After we finish, our staff will clean up the yard.

Stump Removal

Just had a tree cut down, but still have to deal with the stump?

Removing a tree stump can be dangerous without the proper training and equipment and can be an inconvenience to you and your yard. Our arborists are fully trained to use stump grinders, which are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and fast, reducing stumps into mulch. After removing the stump and roots, we can fill it with soil and re-establish it with plants or grass.

Prunning & Restoration

Crown cleaning and thinning is a very popular procedure. Crown cleaning if the removal of dead, dying, weak or diseased branches from the tree or canopy. Thinning is selecting branches to be removed creating better light and air circulation, lessen wind resistance and damage potential from storms.

We recommend structural pruning to improve appearance and maintain space between other trees, structures or power lines.

Snow Removal

When your day is already hectic, the last thing you want to do, first thing in the morning, is shovel your driveway before leaving for work. Thanks to D.B. Tree Service, you don’t have to! We offer seasonal packages and reliable 24/7 emergency snow removal for your home. Covering residential and commercial buildings. We will clear your driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots. We offer salting and sanding solutions (pet friendly options available).


Wood is a renewable resource and D.B Tree Service believes in and practice sustainable forest management. We are aware of how much wood we harvest, making sure that we do not harvest more wood that what is sustainable.

So, if it is for heating your home, lighting that romantic fire or to simply have wood to sing, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck..”, D.B. has cured hardwood, cut, split and ready delivery. It is sold by the ½ cord or whole cord.

24/7 Emergency Storm Service

When weather strikes and a tree is felled or damaged, D.B. Tree Service is here to help. Our Storm Emergency Service is 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and our experts will come equipped to remove branches and trees.

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A Little Bit About D.B. Tree Service

With customized programs designed to maintain your trees and shrubs health, an excellent eye for detail, cleanliness and forward thinking, D.B. Tree Service is the leading Arborist for Kingston and Surrounding area.

We provide free consultations and estimates for your property. Our professional staff are willing to explain the diagnostic of your tree’s health issues and provide a custom solution to renew and restore the history of your property.

D.B. Tree Service Arborists practice ISA Standards to achieve and maintain the highest level of safety and productivity. We guarantee our work and if you aren’t satisfied, we will return to review, re-diagnose and repair if necessary at no additional cost. We are committed to working with you.


Hard working, conscientious, polite and tidy! I would recommend D.B. Tree Service to anyone.

-Janice L.
Kingston, ON

Dave arrived fifteen minutes early, answered all the questions I had and did an exceptional job. I think the best part was how clean my lawn was after everything was perfectly pruned. Thanks guys!

– Jason R.
Kingston, ON

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